circular economy

Circular Economy

Across our company, we’re looking at new ways to apply our materials expertise to invent and engineer solutions that advance the circular economy. We’re especially focused on increasing material recyclability and the use of recycled content across the industries we serve.

Advancing the Circular Economy

We’re innovating and collaborating to reduce resource consumption, eliminate waste, and create circular processes that allow existing raw materials to be continuously reused. We will improve the energy and carbon footprint of our products and services through innovation and life-cycle management.

Materials Management

We develop products with sustainability in mind, from the materials we use, to how they’re constructed or recycled at end-of-life. Sustainable products start with sustainable sourcing. Wherever possible, we responsibly source sustainable materials that improve environmental health.

Sustainable ADvantage

Sustainable ADvantage is a portfolio of products and solutions that enables companies across global industries to use fewer natural resources, cut carbon emissions, reduce waste, and build towards a low-carbon, circular economy.