We’re inventing new products and re-engineering existing ones to reduce waste and increase the efficient use of materials. We also continually identify new ways to reduce waste in our global operations.

By 2030, the goal is for our operations to be 95% landfill-free, with a minimum of 80% of our waste recycled and the remainder reused, composted, or sent to energy recovery. Each site must set waste reduction goals based on its waste generation and corporate or divisional goals. 

Making Progress Toward Zero Waste

In our operations, we continue to increase the number of facilities that meet our criteria for “Zero Waste” designations—sending less than 2% of its waste to the landfill for six consecutive months. We have successfully diverted 94% of our waste. 

In our North America operations, we’ve seen that many small measures add up to substantial results. Our Greenfield, Indiana, plant implemented single-stream recycling that increased recycling rates at the facility. In Miamisburg, Ohio, employees analyzed scrap material to identify a recycler that could process it. And at our Ft. Wayne, Indiana, plant, solids in process wastewater are now being treated in an anaerobic “digester.”

Designing Solutions that Reduce Waste

We’ve introduced multiple innovations created specifically to reduce waste, save costs, and increase efficiency.


Printer Solutions

Eliminating Waste in Logistics Labels

Our ADTP®2 EcoCutTM Solution produces variable-length labels for labeling pallets, cartons, and other logistics units. It uses a continuous label roll combined with an innovative, proprietary cutting mechanism in the printer. This allows the user to choose the exact length and quantity of labels needed, on demand. By eliminating waste, EcoCut delivers significant cost savings, increased productivity, and improved sustainability.

Label and Packaging Materials

Leaving Out the Liner

There’s no liner waste with our Direct Thermal liner-less solution because it comes without liners. As a result, customers can get up to 60% more labels per roll, resulting in fewer roll changes, faster operations, better use of warehouse space, and no liners to dispose of. Our Direct Thermal solution also eliminates matrix waste by no longer requiring die-cutting.

Apparel Solutions

Turning Manufacturing Waste into New Products

We’re exploring ways to minimize our manufacturing waste by using it to create new products. We started by looking for ways to reuse waste from our textile processing. We began with two questions: Which of our manufacturing materials is most suitable for regeneration? And which is common to all our woven production? The answer was selvages—the edges of fabric trimmed off during production. We call the resulting product Albert YarnTM It’s 100% polyester, with a natural touch and feel.