Charitable Giving

Charitable Giving

We have a long history of helping to strengthen the communities where we do business through volunteerism and financial support of community-based organizations. Lending our resources to help communities meet some of their most urgent challenges is a natural extension of our values and part of our responsibility as a member of communities around the world. We make most of our community investments through the Avery Dennison Foundation. Employees across our geographic regions and business units also organize additional community-giving efforts. In all our giving, we focus on efforts that effect measurable change. We are actively developing metrics and targets to enhance our relationship with the communities we positively impact through the Avery Dennison Foundation.

"We thank Avery Dennison for your generosity. Your gift is needed more than ever as we give aid to many vulnerable people in our community who are battling the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic."  
Myron Wilkins, Executive Director, Greensboro Urban Ministry

Supporting our communities

We are proud to be a responsible employer of choice for more than 32,000 people around the world, contributing to the economic livelihoods of our employees and supporting the communities in which we do business. Our corporate social responsibility efforts include volunteerism and financial support of community-based organizations, with most of our community investments made through the Avery Dennison Foundation. Through the Foundation, we advance the causes of education, sustainability and women's empowerment in communities where our employees live and work. 

Grantmaking is the primary way that the Foundation contributes to communities, aided by our employees worldwide who help identify deserving nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). In 2020, the Foundation shifted community-specific resources and funds to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Jointly with our company, the Foundation supported the COVID-19 relief efforts of more than 100 nonprofit organizations—most identified by employees—in over 30 countries. In December 2020, we made a contribution to the Foundation of $10 million, making it possible for the Foundation to significantly increase the scope and pace of its grantmaking. In 2021, we plan to review the Foundation’s grantmaking areas of focus to ensure continued alignment with our reframed strategies, while continuing to advance our diversity and inclusion commitment and support our communities.

Employee engagement through volunteerism

More than 150 employee teams coordinate volunteerism locally across our global locations. In 2020, Avery Dennison volunteers gave their time and resources to support their communities during the pandemic. Their efforts included adapting manufacturing lines to make plastic face shields donated to healthcare professionals, collecting food and other essential goods for colleagues in need and creating iron-on patches celebrating healthcare workers, with all sale proceeds benefiting Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders.

The Foundation also engages employees through its Granting Wishes program, which allows employees to recommend one‑time grants to local NGOs. In 2020, we modified our program by recommending that Granting Wishes support 48 former grantees that remained in good standing, had the capacity to receive funds quickly and had a stated COVID-19 response. These grants served communities in nearly 30 countries.


The Ocean Cleanup

With plastic pollution reigning as a prime threat to our global environment, The Avery Dennison Foundation made a $200,000 grant to The Ocean Cleanup — a nonprofit using innovative technologies to remove plastic pollution from the world’s oceans. Our support of The Ocean Cleanup reflects our belief that innovation and sustainability go hand-in-hand.

Unlocking Student Potential through Scholarships

For more than a decade, our InvEnt Scholarships have supported the next generation of innovators. By providing students in China and India tuition assistance, an invention competition, and professional development opportunities, we inspire the spirit of innovation in tomorrow’s technological innovators. In partnership with Scholarship America, we’re able to provide scholarships to the children of our employees stationed in the U.S. Since 1977, we have provided over 600 scholarships totaling more than $2.2million to first year college students. 

The Rainforest Alliance

The Avery Dennison Foundation presented a $600,000 grant to the Rainforest Alliance to foster best practices in forestry management, create jobs and increase access to sustainably-managed forest products in Honduras. The Rainforest Alliance works to curb deforestation in Honduras and throughout the world by providing farmers and forest managers with sustainable alternatives to forest destruction.