Advancing the Circular Economy

Advancing the Circular Economy

We develop products with sustainability in mind, from the materials we use to how they’re constructed or recycled at end-of –life. By 2030, we plan to achieve 100% recyclability of our products.

As part of our efforts to advance the circular economy and reduce the environmental impact of our operations and supply chain, we’ve created the Avery Dennison Sustainable Advantage Product Portfolio. It contains hundreds of products that help our customers and their end-users reduce materials consumption; shrink their environmental footprint; and support safety, fairness, and human rights. Our Sustainable Advantage products include labels made with paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, adhesives that make plastic bottles more recyclable, and apparel labels that are made from renewable resources in factories that meet stringent standards for worker safety and health. Our Sustainable Advantage Product Portfolio aligns with our sustainability goals and principles, while helping our customers meet their goals, satisfy consumer demand, and stay ahead of regulations.

"Avery Dennison has taken our main branded label and now it’s completely recycled, the quality is incredible and it’s something we can have on our garments for years to come. We looked at every stage of the process in terms of sustainable design, and it has been an amazing partnership." Christopher Raeburn, Fashion Designer
Intelligent Labels Transforms Supply Chains and Advances the Circular Economy is designed to be open, easily integrated and highly flexible allowing global organizations to connect all item-level events and product data in one end-to-end platform. Brands can communicate how a product is made and can launch new business models like recommerce, peer-to-peer commerce, and direct-to-consumer. Brands are also leveraging the technology to scale buy-back programs and provide consumers with recycling information and support their circular economy objectives.

Label and Packaging Materials

Turning Paper Liner Waste into Paper Towels

POLPEL, a company dedicated to the treatment of hard-to-recycle paper, is working with Avery Dennison Brazil to give a second life to paper liner waste at its label and packaging materials plant. The paper liner is collected, recycled into pulp, and made into paper towels used in the plant. The process repurposes nearly four tons of paper each year.

Sustainable Advantage Product Portfolio: Sustainable Advantage sales exceed $2.8 billion

In 2020, growing demand for sustainability-oriented products drove sales of products in our Sustainable Advantage Product Portfolio to more than $2.8 billion—a record high. Sustainable Advantage products and services enable companies worldwide to use fewer natural resources, cut carbon emissions, reduce waste and progress toward a low-carbon circular economy by reducing material usage, improving bottle-to-bottle recyclability, increasing recycled content in end products or sourcing responsibly.